Tuesday 13 June 2023

Updating the weathering on a MEC Boxcar

This is how the car looked with my 2010 weathering and before the weathering update began.
This Atlas 1932 ARA boxcar I detailed back in 2010 and I wanted a bit of an upgrade to it. The couplers were originally changed out with Kadee true scale couplers. I hate the look of Atlas couplers. Back in 2010 I gave the car a light overcoat of Floquil boxcar red thinned followed by a bit of chalk weathering.

Recently after a flat finish coating I applied AK rainmarks (a Nato tank gray color) to the roof followed by a coating of PanPastel raw umber shade (a nice dirty tone) and red iron oxide extra dark a nice tone to overcoat boxcar red's. The raw umber shade is applied to roof center panels while the red iron oxide is applied on the roof ridges and next to the running boards and roof edges. One can vary the amount of these two PanPastels to get a different look on each rooftop. It is nice to have the cars to all look different, 

On the boxcar sides I mainly applied PanPastel paynes grey dark (a blackish tone). It was applied on the door, lower edges of the sides and the roof - wall joints. I did highlight a few areas with PanPastel raw umber shade. I did not feel it needed an overcoat of any more brown tones.

It is now back into the fleet...George Dutka 

The AK rainmarks has been applied to the roof. The running boards are already done.

The three tones of PanPastels that were applied to areas of the boxcar as noted.

There was a few spots that the gray went on a bit heavy which I touched up with the red iron oxide.

The car is almost done. A placard will be added to each of the tack boards.

A placard was added to the tack boards. 

A close-up look at the roofs. Note one tack board had a leftover scrap of once applied placard. Both these cars are MEC Atlas models. 

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