Thursday 1 June 2023

A Moody CV Photo

Marty McGuirk's CV Richford Branch scene has come alive with a bit of photoshop additions done by Bernard Kampinski. Bernard's photo.
Bernard Kempinski on his blog (May 25th) covered an interesting topic "Two approaches to Branch line Model Railroading" that one should consider when planning a layout. Don Janes and I talked about this topic on our outing on Tuesday and it really makes sense. How much time does one actually have going forward to complete a layout and how big does a layout really need to be. Bernie's suggestion to follow modelers that are building a branch line might be a good alternate. More on this topic can be found at his link USMRR Aquia Line and other Model Railroad Adventures It can also be found on my sidebar anytime.

What I really wanted to show you from Bernie's post was this great view on Marty McGuirk's CV Richford Branch layout. Marty changed course a few years back switching from modeling the CV main line to a Northern Vermont branch line which takes up less space in his basement, meaning less work to complete a layout and at a lower cost. One can follow along  on Central Vermont Railway Marty's blog link is also found on my sidebar.

I had seen photos taken on Marty's trestle over the years but this photo with the train positioned well, taken by Bernie is very impressive. By adding a dramatic sky, a bit of a backdrop and some Alco smoke, the scene seems real. Very good work by both Marty building such a realistic scene and Bernie for his artistic touch capturing the flavor of a branch line scene.

It now has me thinking can I come up with such a view of the WRD or do I have to call Bernie over...George Dutka

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