Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Rapido - B&M Double Sheathed 40' Boxcar

My B&M model after the second trip to the workbench. Some AK pencil marking and a better weathered roof was the main projects.
Yesterday I worked on weathering some of my boxcar fleet. For this Rapido model it is the third time to the workbench since I purchased it in 2020. I originally just applied flat finish some red iron oxide extra dark and raw umber shade PanPastel powders over the sides with a bit of AK dark rust also. A silver pen on the hose bag tips and handle is also applied. On the wheels a coat of AK railroad wash and AK dark rust is applied while the trucks are dusted with AK dark steel. All three AK tones come in a set which is a great deal...I use them  a lot. The couplers are coated with AK dark rust deposits and AK rust streaks.

The return visit shortly after had me painting the roof Craftsmart graphite acrylic more as a wash than a full coat. Once the roof was dry I applied PanPastel neutral gray shade mainly in the center of the roof panels. On the sides I ran AK pencil marks randomly in groups of 3-5 different lengths in the colors dirty white and rubber. On the doors I also used AK pencils in the rust tone. I ran a damp brush over the rust pencil marks to blur them a bit. On the running board grooves I ran the AK rubber pencil over the surface.

Two tones of PanPastels are applied yesterday that toned down the AK pencil marking a bit without taking the effect away.

All looks great although I think I overdid the AK pencils a bit. So I decided to go over the sides once again using two PanPastel colours, red iron oxide extra dark and paynes grey extra dark #840. The red toned down the pencil marks well although you can still see them through the powder, which I feel is a better effect. The paynes extra dark (which is more of a black) is used to highlight the upper and lower edges and the doors. I feel the car looks a lot better now and is ready once again for regular service on the White River Division.

I am never afraid to bring models back to the workbench to try something new. I feel every effort is a learning experience well worth my time. I have come up with some better effects the last few months calling back some of my older rolling stock for a facelift. I will show you some shortly...George Dutka

Here is the original weathering going on the boxcar. I actually used my finger in a couple spots to blend the colors together better.

The completed model shortly after I purchased it. Two more trips will be made before I feel it will look its best.

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