Tuesday 22 November 2011

Contest Dioramas - Fine Scale Model Railroader Expo 2011

My Favorite Contest Dioramas...

I spent one day (Friday) at the Fine Scale Model Railroader Expo 2011 at Peabody, Mass. and had a great time. This expo was all about structures and the scenes they are used in. Being a Sailor and loving the waterfront I really enjoyed all the Diorama's displayed on the contest table. There clearly was a waterfront theme going on. The boats modeled on the displays were impressive also. I really am not sure why I am not modeling a seaside railroad myself.

I had my pocket Canon A590 (a cheap $120 camera ) with me and got some acceptable  shots considering the lighting was terrible. I think they have the contest room and lighting figured out for next year. While I worked on getting a few shots there were a lot of other guys trying to do the same. With all the flashes going you would have thought a Hollywood star was in that corner. The area was small so I  photographed what I could...some of these I would call my favorites.  All registrants had a chance to vote for their favorites, and the prizes made it well worth entering. Well lets look at my photo.

In this compact waterfront scene there is a lot to view. Oct. 2011

Love the looks of the fishing shacks at different elevations. Oct. 2011
This model was constructed from prototype photos. He did a great job.

This photo and the one below are of the same diorama...a great looking diorama.

Next time I will show you some of the structures the dealers had on display and the clinics I attended....cheers...George Dutka

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