Wednesday 2 November 2011

New roadway constructed at White River Jct.

Last week while I was working on adding new ground foam to the layout I decided to add a roadway from the station to the CV coal tower that is partially hidden in the staging yard. I had scratch built last winter a model of the White River Junction concrete coal tower which is not fully detailed but clearly resembles the Central Vermont prototype. I have completed a two piece article for the CVRHS Ambassador. The first part was published last year and the final part should be out shortly. Some of the details regarding construction of the CV coal tower I will cover later on with you.

The new roadway is viewed from the end of the station platform.
The CV coal tower can only be partly seen in normal viewing which suggests that the CV yard is close by. In the photo above you have a good view of the coal tower which can only be seen from the end of the station platform and through the lens of my camera when set on the rails. The roadway and details near the coal tower can only be seen when no trains are at the station or in the staging area. I am happy they were added as I feel these details add greatly to the overall scene as the trains arrive and depart WRJ.
Two REA trucks are waiting unloading as a CPR passenger train arrives at WRJ.
 The roadway also gives me a place to add some of my new cars and trucks. At the WRJ station I added two Classic Metals REA trucks at the far end of my station platform. This is were my new road ends. In real life these REA trucks would have been found at the other end of the station, but with limited room at that end I did a flip over. The following photos will give you a good idea what I accomplished. I am currently assembling a Tichy  water spout which will be placed near the coal tower along the roadway just like on the prototype. I am also considering building the old wooden two floor yard office found near the coal tower.
The flatbed of my new Classic Metal Works REA was repainted and loaded. Mudflaps are also added.

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