Thursday 3 November 2011

Visit to New London Ct.

Visiting the Central Vermont in New London, Ct.
Last month on my road trip through New England I made a stop at New London Ct.. I had not been in New London since 1994. When I walked down to the yard and roundhouse area there is nothing to see anymore other than tall weeds and trees growing on the site of the roundhouse. The old Central Vermont brick flammable storage building is still standing if you can call that standing. I have included a few detailed photos of this structure. Many of the yard tracks are still in place and being used by the NECR. On my visit there were plenty of cars in the yard although there was no activities happening.
CV brick Flammable storage building, Oct. 10, 2011
Interior view of the window frame.
Thick brick walls are holding together

An interior view looking up at what was once the roof. Oct 10, 2011
 The New London station is still in good condition and in use as a train and bus destination. The station is now a busy area as commuters seem to use it more so than on my last visit. Also very near the station connections are made with Long Island ferry traffic, which is an interesting mix to things. Today there is overhead wire and electric trains, something that was not seen in 1994. At that time the Montrealer still used the station and routing over the Central Vermont. The station built in 1887 and designed by noted architect Henry Hobson Richardson, is an impressive structure in New London. I took a photo from Groton, Ct. across the Thames River and also  a second shot as I came off the freeway which really give you a perspective to the large size of the station.

A trackside view of New London station. The overhead lines are in view, something not seen on my last visit back in 1994. Oct 11, 2011
Looking across the Thames River from Groton, Ct., Union Station can be seen along with one of the many ferries coming and going to Long Island. Oct. 11, 2011

The station was actually slated for demolition in 1961 but was acquired by the city 10 years later. The station was completely restored in 1976 and is fully rented out. The station renovation actually took 5 years to complete. Union Station today is a national model for adaptive re-use of older urban buildings. New London is centrally located in Ct. being 106 miles to Boston and 123 miles to New York City.
The New London, Ct. station as seen once coming off the freeway. The size of the station is impressive compared to surrounding building. Oct 10, 2011

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