Saturday 12 November 2011

Proctorsville, Vermont Scene in 2011

A second look at Proctorsville...
Well my building flats were completed in September but I was still curious as to what lurks in my photos from over 10 years ago. While I was designing the buildings I had my magnifying glass out to get in closer. During my New England road trip I left myself some time for a detour to Protctorsville and a closer look. The view from the fruit market that is now out of business is well overgrown. The evergreens are now blocking much of what I once seen and enjoyed. I decided to take a walk along the right of way and take a closer look at the buildings I built. I was surprised to see the large red building was actually not between the white and off white buildings but on the other side of the street. A drive around the block was also competed. I have posted a few of these views.

The same view I used to model my building flats. The photo I used to build the flats was taken in the fall of 1999. Today the scene is overgrown.
2011 look at the white house used in the building flat. The off white home is seen to the right.
The large roof on the middle building flat is seen here which was actually across the street from the other buildings.
The smaller roof section attached to the red building actually looks like this.
As I was leaving Proctorsville and had just crossed the tracks were the station once sat I noted in my rear view mirror an old pickup truck coming down the street...well I did a quik u-turn and pulled to the curve. I had just enough time to get out and snap the following never can figure what you may see on ar road trip through only if the #405 was going over the crossing...George Dutka

Now if only RS-1 405 could show up on the crossing I would be in heaven.

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