Thursday 3 November 2011

New London, Ct. Waterfront

All you have to do is follow the signs on Ferry St.

 Ferry Service in New London...
While visiting New London I took a closer look at the ferry docks and operations...easy to do as I wait for a train to come by. If one was to model New London today or in the past this operation should be included to some degree. There are numerous docks and ferries landings used for loading and unloading. At the main crossing in front of the station the public dock is being reworked into a new modern ferry landing. On my last visit in 1994 there also was a lot happening dockside, but I did not pay too much attention due in part to a lot happening trackside. I planned to follow the local CV freight out of town that day...and it was about to depart. But in hind sight  I wish I did show up earlier to document the ferries. It would have been neat to compare the changes that have happened. In the 1950`s this  area would have been a totally differently setup considering the New Haven had a yard in and around the boat landings.

New London Ct. Oct 2011

Looking across the Thames River you can view the ferry activity at rush hour. Oct 2011

Another feature is the fuel trucks on the docks

The ferry dock is a busy place as the evening crowd is ready to depart.

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