Wednesday 16 November 2011

IKEA Helmer for Parts Storage

Using Six Drawer Unit for Part Storage
This past summer I finally organized my detail parts and structure materials in two IKEA Helmer drawer units. They are advertised as "keeps contents organized and easy to find". Having used them now for a few months it is true. These units are ideal for my model railroad parts, paints, lumber and tools. Strip and sheets of styrene and wood fit perfectly. I use one drawer for each. I also have a drawer for roofing material, one for passenger parts, another for freight parts and one for paint bottles. I used to keep most of these in cardboard boxes scattered under my layout. This meant a lot of trips under the duck under when working on projects and more so if I got the wrong box. As I am getting older this is becoming harder.

 When my wife and I were in IKEA this summer these units caught my eye. I purchased two for $49.95 each in white code 001.078.74. They also come in silver and red. The red is really a stand out and I almost purchase it. They need assembly which took me maybe 45 minutes for the first one and about 25-30 minutes for the second unit. The drawers come out so I can take one drawer anywhere  I need it...or roll the whole unit from room to room.

I showed them to Don Janes the last time he visited. I e-mailed him the code number and he ordered 3 online. They deliver here in Canada and Don got a bargain. $45 for all three to be delivered 180 miles. His gas would be more than that. Don has his together already and reported he is a quicker builder than I am doing each one in 20-25 minutes. I guess I should have left the coffee and cookies behind.

Check these units out at for yourself they just might fit your bill...George Dutka

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  1. I have one of these also! Bought mine a few years back and they are great for storing styrene sheets and strips, as well as other detail parts. At the time I also bought an aluminum shelf to hold bottles of paint. Has a lip on the front to help keep them from falling off. I don't think they sell this shelf anymore. But your paints are in a drawer so no problem!