Saturday 8 July 2017

CN Storage Shed

My second shed is a CN Train Miniature boxcar shell.
Once I finished my CP storage shed I went to work on a CN version. I think I like this one best. At one point I thought of keeping it but Peter and I was about to start another storage shed project using Proto 36' outside braced shells that works better for the WRD....George Dutka

The CN shed is staged at Petersburg. With all the details attached to the shell it works well for a quick change-out.
Once again the door is changed out with a sliding version. I used a CN Juneco stack with wire supports. The roof walk is stripwood weathered pieces. Matchstick supports hold it all up. Some old car wheels are added at the one end. Once again a steel roof walk is used as a step. This shell also got Tichy wire grabs at one end. All the weathering is PanPastels.


  1. Very neat work George! I'm curious to see your outside braced version. One is still surviving on Murray Bay Subdivision to this day (though roting away), unfortunately in the most inaccessible spot ever.

    1. Hi Matthieu I covered the outside brace tool cars Peter and I constructed back in the spring...just use the search area to the right...George

    2. April 4th and April 15th 2017 are the dates for the CN tool car posts...George