Saturday 29 July 2017

Atlas GP 40 - Green Mountain No. 305

Green Mountain No. 305 has a really nice looking paint job with some details included. Some of these details need to be applied by the modeler.
Back last month my friend Andy called to say he was cleaning out some of his model railway collection. In his collection is a number of New England engines he picked up on his visits to that area. Although they don't fit into my era and most do not have DCC I took him up on a few. This one an Atlas model of a GP-40, Green Mountain No. 305 is one I had seen and photographed in the past. Being DCC it could be put to use this summer during my updated era...I am thinking I have really pushed it as most of the summer will host 1960-70's equipment. Oh well...George Dutka

GM 305 is holding down the local switching for now at Bellows Falls. I did not notice it till Peter pointed it out, the headlight is mounted between the number boards but should be on the lower nose. If one looks close they got the stripe paint right leaving an area for the headlight...something I will have to look at changing.

On this model I added the end rails and plow. I changed out the couplers with Kadee true scale 158's.


  1. The ex B&M line north of WRJ is now Washington County RR, part of VRS. I just don't know how much VRS equipment gets swapped up there, but it's conceivable.

  2. It's a bit painful: the VRS must hand over trains bound for the WCRR to NECR in Bellows Falls, and then collect them back after the NECR moves them to White River for the remainder of the trip north. That's a lot of interchange for a 40 mile stretch of track. You'd think a trackage rights agreement would make more sense.

  3. Must be more to the process that is not known...George