Tuesday 18 July 2017

Evening Visit to Goderich

In the evening one can capture the station and lighthouse above.
I have been at the lake the last few days and decided to head up to Goderich to get a shot of the station with the evening sun. Peter and I stopped by Goderich and Clinton last week as I had to make a trip to the boat to bail water. I have a stuffing box leak I am waiting for the mechanic to fix...so there is an excuse to be up that way every few days even when things keep me at home. Peter will be covering our trip shortly...George Dutka

A beach side view of the ex-CP station which has been totally restored.

As one can see most of this eveing customers are taking in dinner on the patio. A wonderful sunset will be happening in just over an hour.

The location of the old CPR water tower near the location of the old station site.

A dove is seen on the water tower stack which still today flows with spring water.

Looking across the basin one can see a string of GEXR traffic salt cars next to an awaiting freighter. Oh in the foreground is a catalpa tree in full bloom. Not a common tree for around here...Peter will fill you in later about these big leaf wonders.

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