Thursday 20 July 2017

Walthers International of Maine 60' Boxcars

A trio of CPAA International of Maine boxcars are seen on the WRD. The middle car is my Robin's Rail model while the other two are Peter's Walthers models.
Earlier this month Peter came over with his two pack of Walthers 60' auto boxcars. I have showed you my Robin's Rails version a few years back. The reason being I was preparing an article on my model and Peter's of these cars for  the CARM's publication, The Canadian. Here is a look at Peter's two models on the WRD and a couple of prototype photos...George Dutka

On Peter's model the International of Maine was painted over. Peter purchased his two models already weathered and detailed. We are thinking the modeler used photos to complete his models. Other versions are seen below that can help one with other options.
In this view the CP script is partly seen but most of the International of Maine is worn off. Probably taken sometime in the mid-1980's. Peter Mumby collection

CPAA 205620 has had the large CP script worn off but the International of Maine remains. London, Ontario June 12, 1983 Peter Mumby photo

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