Monday 10 July 2017

Vette Fest 2017

As one can see I am only showing you my favorites...the oldies.
In Bayfield, Ontario the town I berth my sailboat hosts the annual Corvette festival. This happened on Saturday. I usually like to check these great machines out. If one thinks our hobby of trains is expensive check out what a Vette owner will pay to keep up or better yet restore his car. I talked to an owner of a 1960's vintage Vette who claimed to get his car back to almost new condition cost him $38,000 not including the price of the car....thinking Rapido GM engines might be dirt cheap at that rate. Oh on Sunday the Fords took over the park from this GM fleet for the Thunderbird festival...George Dutka

You can tell this guy is a modeler.

Many of the cars had mint interiors.

I had to get my photo in here somewhere...a Thunderbird will do. This car arrived a day early.

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