Saturday 1 July 2017

Canada (150) Day, 2017

Via 903 is trailing on this Ottawa-bound train in front of the old CP station at Smiths Falls on June 12, 2017.  George Dutka photo.
By Peter Mumby

Happy Canada Day to all, especially in this year which marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation.  Later this summer, CP will be sending its Canada 150 train of vintage equipment across the country, but in the meantime we have Via Rail's distinctive locomotive and coach wraps to enjoy.  A number of F40s, P42s, and coaches have been decorated in a scheme which features stylized names of cities situated on Via routes.  Each side of each piece of equipment shows different city names. These appear at the rear of each locomotive and at opposite ends of the passenger coaches.  The attached photos feature two of the coaches and two of the P42s.

The opposite side of 903 is on display as #73 passes London Junction on its way towards Windsor on May 15, 2017.
George had his first encounter with this Via equipment at CP Smiths Falls, and was fortunate to see two of the P42s operating in push/pull mode.  Since I had photographed Via 903 earlier in London, we will be able to showcase both sides of this unit.  The second photo also illustrates the fact the roof remains in the original Via blue/green colour.

Via 916 was photographed on a westbound train at Cobourg.  916 originally featured white cab side numerals, but by the time of this encounter, replacement black numerals had improved their visibility.  In case you are interested in documenting the featured city names, the opposite side of this unit includes Jasper, Brantford, Halifax, and Quebec.  For the modellers in the crowd, Highball Graphics has recently released a P42 decal set, and it is for this very locomotive.  A companion set for coach 3356 is also available, so anyone with a closet full of undecorated P42 locomotives and LRC coaches is all set!

A Toronto-bound train pulls into the Cobourg station on track 2 led by Via 916 on May 29, 2017.

A quick trot to the west end of the Cobourg station platform yielded this ground level view of 916 as the train continued on towards Oshawa, Guildwood, and Toronto Union.

The Highball Graphics set is right on the money with the city names on this side of the 916.

At Cobourg we also have this full view of one side of coach 3316.

Coach 3316 shows off one half of its advertised cities on May 29.

This view of Via 71 west of Komoka on May 03 shows how the city names are arrayed on the opposite side of one of the LRC coaches.

Via has chosen to decorate more than just rolling stock with its distinctive Canada 150 branding.  This station sign was recorded between trains at Cobourg on May 29 of this year.


  1. Thanks for sharing the VIA wrap photos. I compiled a complete list of all the equipment with both sides' cities in this post:

    Happy Canada Day!

    1. Hi Eric:
      Happy Canada Day and thanks for sharing on your blog...George