Thursday 13 July 2017

What's in the Box - No. 24

A section house that was used in Northern Vermont by the CP and B&M is produced by Creative Laser Design in both HO and N scale. This one is the N scale version. As one can see there is not a lot of parts to fool with.
 My friend Gary Pembleton gave me this small N scale section house kit this he had a duplicate of. I had built the HO scale version a year ago. One can find this post by using the search area on the right column.

This kit does not have a lot to it and can be built quickly. A found the roof sections and flooring a bit over-scale but there are lots of options. The instruction sheet is straight forward and all the parts fit together really well. More on this structure shortly...George Dutka

A close-up look at the laser cut wood walls and windows.


  1. As an N-scaler serious about modeling portions of the former CP Lyndonville Sub, these Creative Laser Design kits are wonderful! To have kits of buildings actually found along the line is manna from heaven, and they're fun to build.

    1. Hi Geof:
      Yes they sure fill a need, I have now done a few of them. The price is right and they go together very easily...just find some parts over-scale, but there are options...George