Friday 28 July 2017

Snapshot - July 2017

From the front entrance of the main structure one can view the CP RDC car.
Don has done a great job covering our visit to ExpoRail last month. For this month's Snapshot I have arranged  a few additional views I took. More detailed views of a few pieces of equipment that I found interesting will follow later this summer...George Dutka

I took the trolley ride around the park. This car is a real treat to see and the interior was in great shape.

As one enters the grounds the main structure is straight ahead. This is a newer modern building which will keep many of the  better pieces from deteriorating.

The ticket office at the main entrance to ExpoRail.
More storage cars to model.

There was a lot more to see that was not accessible on our visit. Hopefully at some point this other equipment will be restored and on display.

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