Friday 7 July 2017

Stations of Smith Falls, Ontario

Opened in 1914 as a Canadian Northern station, it now serves the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario.
Back in June Don and I stopped in at Smith Falls, Ontario to visit the railroad museum in town. We also had enough time to take in the CPR station and the newer VIA station located at the edge of town...enjoy the views...George Dutka

The operators bay on display in the museum station.
A look at the VIA station near the edge of town heading towards Ottawa on hwy 15. June 12 2017
Opened in 2010 this station costed $750,000 to build.

Don and I was surprised by this WB VIA at the ex-CP came up behind us as we were getting out of the car after a trip to check out the CP power.
Built in 1887 the ex CPR station is now the 140 seat Station Theater which was acquired in 1999. It was opened in April 2010. VIA still used an area of the station for a short while till their new building was finished.
A look at the east side of the ex-CPR station.

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