Thursday 6 July 2017

CP Storage Cars

A CP Train Miniature shell has been transformed into a  good looking storage shed.

Back in the winter I assembled a couple more shells into storage cars that I detailed up with what I had on hand. I have so many older cars that I did not know what to do with other than sell them at a flea market for a buck. I decided to try turning them into storage sheds as a quick evening project. I really liked how these turned out but not needing any more these two were sold off at a show I helped Peter with...and they went very quickly for more than I thought I would get. The shells are Train Miniature kits lettered in CN and CP. They are not good replicas of the prototype but for the era decades ago they were a good option to blue box kits...George Dutka

The CN car is ready for a workout. The CP car looked the same as the CN car at the start. A kind of before and after scene. I will show you the CN car finished shortly.

The care has a window and door added to the side. I added a sliding door over the plug door that is included on the model. I shaved off the details that was not needed. A new styrene door track is made also. The grate step is a part of a metal roofwalk. I added some stripwood for awnings.

An overhead view of the roof, I used stripwood that is weathered and broken up for the roof walk. A smoke stack is added from my parts box and some weathering is applied using PanPastels. Matchsticks are used as supports under the car.

The CP shed is staged in Bellows Falls for this photo shoot. All the details are glued to the shell making it a drop in scene.

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