Monday 16 November 2020

Modeling an Abandoned Diamond

The CP -CSXT diamond is removed with the CP line running through at Chatham, Ont. This is a great way to model a diamond area with a abandoned line. Luc Sabourin photo.

Following last Mondays mini-RPM Luc Sabourin contacted us with a bit of a follow up regarding the layout he has planned and the diamond area. Luc had a great idea how to model it. Here is Luc's comments...George Dutka

"Originally, my intent was to model a diamond, with an interchange with the Pan Am/Guilford, on my layout but as I discussed with you earlier this week at our mini-RPM meet, I decided not to actually physically place one due to a number of reasons.  

In it's place will be something similar to what has happened to the CP-CSXT diamond in Chatham, Ontario.  The attached photo was taken this past October where CP has taken the old diamond out.  My plan is to do something very similar but to have the Pan Am line be abandon (with tall weeds covering the old tracks taking over the right of way) past the interchange tracks and have the approach signals to the diamond on the BRAR still standing but inoperable and the target heads be turned 90 degrees away.  I thought it would be an interesting look to have the old Guilford one, facing the interchange track, still operating as a constant red as you would be able to see that signal standing on the other side of the layout.

Also, a lots has changed in Chatham the past few years where CP has taken out almost all the yard tracks except for 2 yard tracks widely spaced.  And the local is now out of London where there use to be a set of switchers based here."

Luc's track plan for his new contemporary layout.

The CP yard Chatham with much of the trackage removed. Modeling a contemporary era this is one of the realities. Luc Sabourin photo.

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