Wednesday 18 November 2020

Adding a C&O Boxcar To The Green Mountain Fleet

The C&O boxcar is being spotted for loading by the Rutland wayfreight.

 A Speedwitch Media Resin Don Janes

This photo describes the kit.  I chose the C&O version.

     Several years ago I purchased a Speedwitch Media resin Pere Marquette/C&O 88000-series boxcar kit.  Having built a few other Speedwitch kits I knew they were well done kits that were of high quality.  This kit was no different. I followed the instructions when building the kit and found it went together very well. The one piece body and floor castings are very crisp resin castings with very little flash and no warping.  The kit included a couple of sheets of resin detail parts, Tichy brake components, plastic ladders, etched breass parts. various sizes of brass wire and styrene strips.  The decals are high quality and go on nicely.  I added some 40 links per inch chain to the brake wheel and brake cylinder and Yarmouth M Model Works brake levers to the underbody brake system.
     I chose to build the C&O version that were assigned to the Canadian Division. The body was painted with a 50/50 mixture of Floquil Boxcar Red and Oxide Red which was overcoated with Floquil Crystal Coat to give a glossy finish of the decals.  After the decals were applied I gave the car a coat of model Master clear flat lacquer and weathered it with various weathering powders.  The trucks were painted with Floquil Weathered Black and weathered with the same weathering powders.
      The kit does not include trucks or couplers so I used the Tahoe Model Works 2-Level trucks (TMW 101) as suggested in the instructions and scale head Kadee # 178 couplers. 
       This was a very enjoyable kit to build and makes a nice addition to my Green Mountain Division car roster.

Above are various phots of the finished car.  This photo was done using Helicon Focus giving great depth of field to the photo.

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