Sunday 15 November 2020

AK Rolling Stock Weathering Kit

The interior and a bit of the exterior received these products. I began by putting a good dose of railroad wash in the joints between the walls and floors, turning the model upside down and letting it dry. The wash ran up the walls to a point which became the areas that the rust spots are added and streaked down. On the floor dark steel and dark rust pigments are applied. I also scribe in welding joints which are coated with Vallejo fuel gloss coat which make the areas look wet like leftover rain water.

I recently picked up this AK three pack weathering set for rolling stock. It includes a railroad wash and two powders or pigments, dark steel and dark rust. I have tried them on two different projects and really like how they work...George Dutka

I normally paint my trucks with cast iron gray from Princess Auto. This time I just used these pigments, the dark steel on the side-frames then dusted with dark rust. It looked really good. The dark steel gave the same appearance as the spray did and in less time. I decided to try these products on the under-frame with work out well also.

My current build, another FOS kit of the month offering has two steel doors. I decided to try the AK products on the laser cut wood. I began with a coat of railroad wash followed by a light coat of dark steel mainly in the center areas of the doors. On the edges I used dark rust. It was very simple to do and turned out great.

A closeup of the finished steel door which took little extra effort.

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