Tuesday 24 November 2020

Spray Painting Models

My compressor is now back stored under the layout till required.

Recently Jim Dufour sent out an e-mail regarding his spray booth and craftsman kits. It got me thinking about how I currently paint my models. I don't have a spray booth or anywhere to put one. During the warmer months I keep my compressor and paint appliances on my workbench in the garage. After reading Jim's e-mail I realized I better bring it in for the winter. Most of my spraying during the colder months are still done in the garage. If I can I use spray bombs but other times if we get a warm spell the compressor is carried out....George Dutka   

My airbrush is clean and ready to be assembled when required.

Out in the garage I sprayed my projects on a sheet of cardboard on my table saw...nothing fancy.

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