Tuesday 10 November 2020

Another Visit to Sarnia - A Mini RPM?

Our group of four included Luc on the left then Don and Jim on the right. I have a shelf in my PT Cruiser which we used as our display area.
Yesterday I met up with Don Janes so we could exchange items. I called Jim Sloan (his computer is down) and e-mailed Peter Mumby, Brian Smith and Luc Sabourin to join us. Jim and Luc attended, but Peter and Brian could not make it. I became a mailman delivering Brian's model to Jim.

We all had a nice chat, watched three trains go by and set up displays one at a time on my PT Cruiser trunk table. All four of us brought something to show and tell...George Dutka

I forgot to take photos of my models brought along and Don's, other than the underside of this completed Speedwitch model. Don says it will be painted later in the day.

Don points out his two models...the other is a CV passenger car.

Luc brought along 4 of his really nice look boxcars. I brought along my building flat scene as seen in the background.

Luc helped with the design of the decal that has been applied to his Railbox car.

Luc also showed us this really neat application of thin panels that have been buckled from behind to show wear. This custom work is done by someone Luc has in the US do some work for him. The graffiti on his models are all done by hand. He noted one of the finest graffiti jobs is done by a dentist in his off time to work on keeping his hands steady....I guess a gym workout for ones hands.

Jim setup his models for display but we all ran away to get a shot of CN 397 heading to the tunnel. Sorry Jim we did come back.

Don and Luc discuss things as the tail end rolls by.

Jim Sloan's models are gathering dust as the train rolls by.

Jim has completed two Exact Rail models from Rock Island boxcars to second hand GTW purchases. THey are really nice looking models. A third boxcar will be completed shortly.


  1. You guys are lucky to be able to get together despite restrictions, some great looking models and larger distractions trackside as well.

  2. Hi James
    Yes outdoor gatherings are still allowed in small groups with social distancing in Ontario, at least for now...we have been lucky. Don and I have older parents (90's) and in-laws to check on regularly...George