Saturday 28 November 2020

This and That - November

This is my Bellows Falls diamond scene a few years back. The casting I was using are a mix of those supplied to me by Don Janes. I will or should do a post on how this all came together.

 Here we have a mix of photos that I think you might like to see. The move of CN 6167 at Guelph a couple of weeks ago are documented in the link below...enjoy...George Dutka  

Cambridge Slideshows: Moving CNR Northern 6167

This is a Jim Shaughassey photo of Troy, NY c 1960. found on John Nerich's Facebook site. What I found interesting is how many building are abandoned in this scene. I sometimes wonder if I am overdoing my structures but by the looks of this scene I have a long way to go for that. 

It appears Evergreen makes canopy glue which I picked up a few weeks back at Otter Valley Hobbies here in Ontario. At $4.95 it is a better deal than most places.

A rust bucket that I photographed during the spring of 2016.

Bruce Douglas sent me this view of his favourite book.

Behind my work bench is my extra chair which I don't think anyone has sat in for a long time. It is loaded with stuff...some to be built and a couple to be sold once train shows become a thing.

I put a new vinyl plank floor in my train room a few weeks ago. The old tiles have been there for 39 years so I thought it needed a new look.  The tiles were in great shape (not lifting) so I layer it right over them. I think the rooms looks much better now....Don Janes

Don Janes photos

More abandoned crossings...on Geoff Southwood's layout. Abandoned crossings can provide some interest and amusement.  On the approach to Crawford Notch on my railroad, the right of way was changed years ago to avoid a steep grade through a tunnel.  The ball crossing now sits permanently in alignment with the track towards Gateway and the Frankenstein Trestle.  It seems that some hobos decided to make their encampment inside the abandoned tunnel !!

Another view of Geoff's abandoned crossing.

One of my new builds. It will be going into my Bellows Falls scene. It is a FOS kit-of-the-month offering of a storage facilities. I used the signs included but will be changing them to reflect Vermont and Bellows Falls shortly.


  1. Hi George. Long time follower. Great update photos. I like the color Don Janes is using on his facia. I wonder if you can get the brand and color name for me. I would like to use it on my facia.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Ken: I used Benjamin Moore Premium Pearl Interior Paint and Primer. I just took a piece of styrene I painted Scalecoat CN Green into the paint store and they matched it for me. I went with the good quality paint since it wahes up very well if it gets any dirt on it.

  2. I love abandoned crossings on a layout, as they tell railroad history. Your scene and fire inside the tunnel are really neat... I wish I had a space on my layout to do something like that!