Sunday 1 November 2020

Coarse PanPastel Coal

PanPastel coarse coal is used on the tarpaper platform roofing. Geoff Southwood photo.

I posted about PanPastel coal a few weeks back and received the following e-mail from Geoff Southwood. Peter and I also took in the 2016 Expo in Danvers, Ma. sitting in on some of the same clinics that Geoff attended...George Dutka

"Further to your posting today, I have found that the coarse black Pan Pastel is also useful to give some texture to tarpaper or asphalt roofs.  Those on these concave platform canopies are applied over actual small pieces of real tar paper.  The seams are using Enamel Accents dimensional faux enamel as recommended by one of the clinicians at the 2016 Fine Scale EXPO in Danvers MA.  For the centre of the concave canopies I used a silver Van Gogh Oil Pastel crayon to simulate the gutter and further hide the seam." 

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