Thursday, 12 November 2020

Throwback Thursday - Cominco

NAHX 455605 was in the employ of Cominco Limited at the time this photo was taken on October 04, 1997 in London, Ontario.

By Peter Mumby

Canadian Pacific Railway got into the mining business in southern British Columbia in 1906 when it set up the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Limited as a subsidiary.  Several decades later the company started producing chemical fertilizers as a side line as a way to make use of sulphur dioxide which was emitted by smelting processes.  The company's official name was changed to Cominco in 1968, and then CP gave up its ownership stake in 1986.  Seeing this car in a CP yard in 1997 provided a nice little reminder of when Canadian Pacific was a highly diversified company. 

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