Monday, 30 November 2020

The Rutland Ry in Bellows Falls

This print was in a group of six taken of the Rutland Ry. I purchased 25 or more years ago at the Springfield show. A Rutland Ry. freight is about to leave Bellows Falls, Vermont on Nov. 9, 1954, 66 years ago. Note the Brookside milk cars in the background.

I am researching an article that got me digging into a pile of photos I have not looked at in years. Back in the early or mid 1990's I attended the Springfield train show for the first time. Back then it was in one building that was pretty full of model and railroad memorabilia. I was actually surprised how much there was. I came home with a nice bundle of  photos without spending a lot. Not like today were an 8 by 10 print costs around $10. I was purchasing 1950's prints three for a dollar for small prints and a dollar for large ones. This is one of them...George Dutka. 

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