Friday 6 November 2020

Adding Goldenrod to One's Layout

The two seasons of goldenrod is seen here. The yellow tops are seen through September in my area with a mix of both in October.

One modeling detail I like to add to a fall scene is goldenrod which is different for the early fall and late fall stages. I like to mix the two. One can add a lot of this as in the real world but I have just adding a hint of these so far. I think goldenrod make a difference to my scenes...George Dutka  

I normally add one to three in locations near the front edge of the layout our around structures. Normally I plant one of each together. This scene could use at least another three weeds. This detail goes fast so two more packages have been ordered.


  1. I have used several packages of that detail on my layout too.

  2. Hi sure is neat stuff...George