Monday 31 May 2021

BarMills Cigar Corner - Building Flat

My newest building flat placed into the back alley scene I built last year. I used most of the signs included but did change out one to a wholesale grocers.

The first structure that I completed from BarMills Cigar Corner is the building flat. I have already posted the finished model photos and what is in the box. Here is some under construction views...George Dutka 

The basic construction is done. One sees the building flat is not a true has some depth to it.

The flat does not have any backing included. I used some available card stock on my kits back.

Brick mortar is applied to some areas of the wall. I used car primer brown for the basic wall color. The concrete is done with gray and white acrylic dollar store paints. 

The brick work is toned down with two tones of PanPastel's.

The wood structure is attached to the main and the signage is next to be applied.

Here is how the building flat when I thought I was finished. The brick mortar stood out a bit more than I wanted it to. I went over these areas with more PanPastel browns and all is well. The lead photo is the finished look. The power meter is from an ITLA kit.

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