Tuesday 25 May 2021

What's in the Box No. 49

The difference between ITLA kits and many of the other manufacturers is the engineering, no plastic or metal...all the parts and details are made of wood and fit together perfectly.

Albany Manufacturing by ITLA was their Albany Fine Scale Expo kit back in 2018. It can be built as a building flat or a full structure. It is one of their smaller industrial structures but really neat and can fit in a lot of tight spots. There is a ton of details on each wall and I would suggest it to be used as a forefront feature...George Dutka

All the sheeting is well labeled so no guessing. Note the pallets are laid out so one assembles them before removing.

Loading dock roofing and skirting is on a separate sheet.

The walls have a lot of details in them. Plaster, brick and exposed re-bar in crumbled wall sections add to the look. Once completed there are leftover details and pieces for future builds. The instruction sheet is not seen in these photos but the color photos really help locate the detail locations and their final look.

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