Thursday, 6 May 2021

Throwback Thursday - Another One Bites the Dust

In October of 1961, CNR ten wheel type number 1541 (ex-1336) had its appointment with the scrappers at the CN London Reclamation Plant.  This photo is from the George Dutka collection.

By Peter Mumby.

It is October of 1961, and yet another steam locomotive is being cut up at the London Reclamation Yard.  Fortunately, the cab side panel featuring the engine number is propped up near the front of the tender which is being dismantled, and it is apparent that the victim is CNR 4-6-0 number 1541.  According to Don McQueen, this locomotive had been assembled by MLW in 1911 as Canadian Northern number 275.  It had spent most of its working life first as CaNoR and then CNR 1336.  In early 1957 it had its final number change, this time to 1541.  This had been done to clear the 1300 number series to be re-used by some of the SW1200RS diesels that were on order from General Motors Diesel. 



  1. Thanks for posting, Peter. My Dad had some similar experiences at Turcot Yard. For railfans, probably about 0.5% of a steamer's mass interests them like number boards, cab appurtenances etc. So much steel!