Tuesday 18 May 2021

SWO Railfanning Locations

CP 235 WB approaches the Denfield overhead wooden bridge on May 10, 2021. Note the CN double track location to the right of the photo.

Recently Peter Mumby and I took a few photos from locations we have not photographed in years...decades. 

In Southwestern Ontario (SWO) a popular photo place for most rail buffs west of London is Denfield Rd were one has CN and CP tracks parallel each other. It is great place for train watching but I don't normally head here only because it is not great these days for photographs on sunny days. The CN two track mainline is shaded in both directions with the buildup of trees and shrubs, although one can still get a sunny shot of a CP train. CP trains are far and few though. With a WB CP approaching shortly this day we headed to Denfield for a shot from the overhead wooden bridge...the first in years.

CN Hyde Park is not that far away from Denfield and a location we had not been to in decades as a subdivision has been built around the location and the old road one used is now gone. I realized awhile back that there is a trail walkway from inside the subdivision which takes one near the tracks and a short access road is also there for CN to get track side...just a short hike for us old guys. Peter and I caught the two VIA passenger trains here...not a bad morning checking out locations from our past...George Dutka 

VIA 72 approaches the old station site of Hyde Park. The telephone pole in the weeds to the right is the old right-of-way for the Exeter Sub. Although this area is getting built up in London, Ontario this particular scene looks rural. May 10, 2021

Peter and I climbed the bank for a higher elevaton view of VIA 71 which had just passed under the Hyde Park Rd. bridge. On the other side of this bank is a newer subdivision and walking trail. May 10 2021. Years ago a station sat in the open area next to the train.

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