Monday 17 May 2021

What's in the Box No. 48

This kit includes a couple examples of structures found on George Sellios Franklin & South Manchester layout.

I had ordered the BarMills Christmas kit Cigar Corner which includes a nice group of kits. I thought this grouping of kits were kind of neat and some would work well on my layout and back alley dioramas that I am building. The first one I began on is the building flat which had a bit of dimension then a basic flat.

What I like about this BarMills kit is each building is in a separate bag or bags including bracing. This building has a tag marked as "background building" making it easy to locate all is needed for construction. My recent FOS big kit has all the parts in the same bag...more like a puzzle where one needs the diagram to locate what is needed for each structure...George Dutka

All that is included in the building flat sealed package.

A closer look at what is included. This kit is not all that hard to complete.

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