Sunday, 16 May 2021

Ex-BEST Freight House - Motrak Models

The Motrak Model web site freight house photo of the Applewood Depot.

Motrak now offers a freight house separately from its general store kit. At $45.00 I think it is well priced. It once was part of the Pittsfield, Ma. Expo kit offered by BEST. I covered the BEST freight house included with Elwell general store in a post on March 1, 2014 and also in a second post, What's in the Box No. 6, February 18, 2014. One can use the search feature at the bottom right of the viewing  bar.

The model is really nice once finished and includes a double wall feature which makes it very strong...not needing any bracing...George Dutka 

This is the BEST model that I completed back in 2014 and added to my Westboro scene. It is a really nice little kit that will work well in any New England scene.


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