Saturday 19 June 2021

American Model Builders - Grain Company Elevator

The mill is seen complete with all the signage and tarpaper roll roofing applied. Now for the scenery.

Brian Smith asked me if I could finish this American Model Builders mill for him. Mainly some signage, weathering, scenery and roofing. This model is a really nice sized kit. It takes very little layout room and will not dominate a scene. I think it could blend in well on most layouts.

I have been asked a number of times lately if I would do a kit for them...sorry the answer is no. I am flattered but I have a lot to do on the layout and with summer near there is not a lot of time available for me in the basement...George Dutka   

American Model Builders web site view of the mill.

The spout is painted silver and deck below driftwood. I began the weathering with Bragdon Powder in the red tones.The mill after the ramp and doors are painted driftwood. Brian had already painted everything a boxcar red and mounted it on thin veneer.

Bragdon Antique Iron and Used Brick went on first then some highlights with red chalk.

I reduced the size of the Myers mill sign I used on my South River Models kit. Some additional signage is applied. I still need to work on the tarpaper roofing and a bit of scenery.

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