Thursday, 17 June 2021

GMD Recollections - Test Track for Two

Crew number one was putting SSW GP60 number 9662 through its paces on the GMD test track on September 30, 1989.

By Peter Mumby.

There were times when two crews were active on or near the test track simultaneously.  Such was definitely the case on September 30, 1989.  SSW GP60 9662 was occupying the test track when I arrived on the scene.  Shortly thereafter this unit transferred to the east leg of the wye for some static testing, making room for CN SD60F 5545 to pose for its portrait on the test track with the SSW locomotive in the background. 

Once the SSW unit had been maneuvered onto the east leg of the wye, crew number two brought CN SD60F out for a spin on the test track.


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