Friday 11 June 2021

CV Athearn Geep - Update

Don Janes CV geep in action on his layout. Don Janes photo

In the current issue of the CVRHS Ambassador Don Janes describes how he changed a few items that makes the CV model look more like the prototype. Don had done a post a few months back which was the basis of the article, but his article expanded on this with some of the additional details he added following the original post. Here are a few additions that where added.

Don's model also graced the Ambassador's cover. It was hard to tell it was a model on the cover and not the prototype as mentioned by Don McQueen when he saw it. Great work Don...George Dutka

Don cut down the side of the fuel tank for his model. He thought the capacity was 1200 gal. According to Don McQueen who checked the CN equipment records indicated that the total fuel capacity for the CV geeps was 1080 Imperial gallons. Don Janes photo.

The smaller size fuel tank is added to the model. Note the fuel gauge is added to the engineman's side of the tank. This is a Details Associates part no. 3101. Don Janes photo.

Don Janes photo

Three manufacturers of rerailers. Don Janes photo.

Don Janes applied the rerailers on two of his geeps. Green on his freight engine and yellow on the passenger engine. He used the Rapido version on this enigne. They are held in place by adding a wire bracket. Don Janes photo

Rerailers are seen on both engines. Don Janes photo.

It appeared that on CV engines designated yellow and green depending on service for a period. Don Janes photo



  1. Nice work! I did the same with a Bachmann GP9 last year. Still have to add the finishing touches, but the derails are definitely a peculiar detail of CV locomotives. I made mine using the Rapido parts. Didn't know why some were yellow and others green.

    1. Thanks Matthieu: I don' think there is any set pattern for the colour of the re-rail frogs. just have to go by photos.

  2. George,
    Very nice upgrades and explanations on the CV GP9 upgrades !!
    Also, the North Dorset station in the background looks most interesting. Can you please tell me a little bit more about the station? Kit or Scratchbiuld, and any other details or info would be most appreciated.
    All the best,
    --Paul S

    1. Hi Paul: Thanks for the remarks. The station is a kit from Rutland Car Shops of North Dorset which was a small station on the Rutland. It would be quite easy to scratchbuild if you can't find a kit. Rutland Car Shops have been long gone for a while. The real station is gone now also....Don

    2. Hi Paul if you are interested in an un-built North Dorset kit send me your e-mail address so I can pass it along to a friend that has one that he is willing to part with...George

  3. How wonderful George. I would be very interested in an unbuilt kit of the station.
    Thanks again, it is very much appreciated!
    You can email me direct at: paul dot stmartin @ gmail dot com

  4. Hopefully the above worked for you George.
    If you wouldn't mind, you can send me an email directly and we can take this off of your blog.
    Thanks much, --Paul