Sunday 13 June 2021

ITLA - Albany Manufacturing

A look at my workbench with the basic construction completed.

I was working on ITLA kit Albany Manufacturing last month and thought I would show you how it went together. I will do another post with how the colors are finished. I used all acrylic paints for the base coating...George Dutka 

The structure can be built as a flat also. This end piece is included for use as a side. It is not a true flat but one that would have some depth.

The walls went together easy and neatly.

The walls have concrete, brick, stone and blocks not to mention areas were the concrete has failed and the steel reinforcements can be seen. All the coloring is done using acrylic paints. The concrete is a mix of rain grey and white randomly mixed.

Woodsy Smoke and Rain Grey are mixed together for the stone and block base coat.

The brick has a base coating of rust red by Anitas.

I thought the way the pallets were cut made assembly easy.

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