Monday 7 June 2021

St Mary's Jct. Station

Last week I made a return visit to St. Mary's Jct. after hearing from my friend Andy that the brewery was now open in the station. The area around the station is cleaned up and the windows and doors refurbished or replaced. As the brewery is curb side pickup as we are still in lock-down I could not take a look inside...George Dutka 

Ex - CN station, built for the Grand Trunk Railway in 1858 at St. Marys Jct. is now a brewery. It had been sealed up and fenced off for decades. The Jct. is were the Forest sub and Thorndale Subs once met. Today only one line remains and is called the Guelph Sub. This station has a bit of a claim to fame as being a location that Thomas Edison worked as the night telegraph operator when he was 16 years old, 1863-64. Broken Rail Brewery opened in February 2021 after restoration work was completed to the stone structure.
One can purchase jugs of beer or tall cans as seen below.

Looking East at the Jct. station.

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  1. Glad to hear one of these original limestone GTR stations is now back to life. It's saddening to see how many of these incredible artefacts have been left to rot. They aren't your regular wooden rural stations, they are from the earliest day and you can still see the British influence in their design.