Friday 4 June 2021

White River Junction - Coal Tower Scene

A pair of Geep's are ready to roll. The GT unit is a blue box Athearn dummy that has a good amount of details added back in the 1980's or early 1990's. The CV engine is a detailed Front Range model. Note the string of CNR 40' boxcars that will be lifted shortly. The coal tower remains but unused.

It is well beyond the steam era in this view on the WRD. A pair of geep's are ready to go on another run over the layout. This is from a group of photos that were staged for a MR article sent in 3 years ago. This view was not included with the article...waiting patiently for what becomes of the feature...George Dutka   


  1. Unfortunaely, Kalmbach losing manuscripts, photos, etc isn't unusual. What I infer from what I hear is that if they want a submission, they pay for it quickly, but there's no guarantee it will appear anytime soon. I've had success writing to the CEO of Kalmbach (whoever that is at this point) and asking for return of MS or acknowledgement that they can't use it. At that point, you can send it elsewhere, although I've also had bad experiences with MRH and RMC pre-White River, though I've never been impressed with Otto V.

  2. Thanks for your input John. I probably will just wait and see...maybe an e-mail to them in a year or two...George