Thursday 10 June 2021

GMD Recollections - Something Borrowed, Something Blue

EMD 117 was waiting at CN London East to be transferred to the GMD plant on March 11, 1994.
By Peter Mumby.

EMD 117, an SW1001 switcher, arrived in London early in 1994.  Initially it appeared as if its stay would be short in duration, since these two views at CN London East were taken merely 3 weeks apart.  However, the addition of some type of spark arrestor during this interval probably was a hint that a longer stay was in the offing.  Later in the year the unit had its number changed to GM 1,  and a maple leaf flag showed up on the black band at the bottom of the cab side.  Shortly thereafter, a full Diesel Division paint job was applied. 

Number 117 was back at London East again on April 04, 1994.  In the interim it has gained a spark arrestor, and has had at least one trip around the GMD wye.


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