Sunday 6 June 2021

White River Jct Station - Model

My rendition of the WRJ station. Modeling the station in a 2' by 6' area requires resizing the plans.

I took a few photos to go along with an article I just completed for the next CVRHS Ambassador. It is regarding how I modeled my WRJ station. I won't get into details here as to what I did but here are a few photos that view the station...George Dutka 

The station was built in three parts. The center section is close to the prototype size. If more room becomes available I can build the other portions larger. Also the middle section can be reversed to view the B&M side without changing the freight doors on the larger portion of the platform.

The B&M side of White River Jct. station.

A view taken with my phone set on the layout the other day.


  1. George, any chance you would share more on how you designed and built this station? It's always been my dream to build it in N scale.

    1. Hi Geof
      I will have to wait till after the article is published in the CVRHS Ambassador this fall...George