Monday 18 September 2023

3rd Annual Otter Valley Railroad Manufacturer Pop-Up Show

I brought along a few of the models that are featured in my book for those who wanted a close-up peek. Paul Hurly photo
On Saturday I attended the 3rd Annual Otter Valley Railroad Manufacturer Pop-up Show in Tillsonburg, Ont. signing copies of my White River Productions book. Lorne had got a box of my books for his hobby shop and by the end of the day half were gone. It was great meeting modelers that had seen my work in RMC with one doing a three hour drive one way to meet me which was very nice. 

I took photos of as much as I could before the event, but my day seemed to be full considering I walked in just as the show began. There were a lot of manufacturers there, some that had traveled a good distance. Set up next to me was Bowser with a lot of information regarding their new CN and CP RS-3. He had traveled here from Pennsylvania the day before. 

I did pick up the new Rapido RS-11's in both the CV and DW&P paint scheme once the crowd died down in the store. There was a line of at least 15 modelers all day long paying for their finds. I have yet to try my Alcos out. On the other side of me was Clare Gilbert and his display of Sylvan models. He had about a half dozen new products that have yet to be released.

More about the Pop-up tomorrow and check out Otter Valley's Facebook page for more about the day...George Dutka

The Rapido crew talk with the Bowser representive prior to the Pop-up show.

Intermountain had a nice display of new and upcoming models. More on these tomorrow.

Aurora Miniatures had their current models on display.

Otter Valley has a nice line of rolling stock of their own available now with a few more on the way. 

The Sylvan Scale Models display at this years pop-up. There seemed to be lots of interest in Clare's kits.

Rapido's new RS-11 were on display and also on the hobby shop shelves.

Otter Valley was handing out flyers for their new CN transfer caboose project.

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