Friday 1 September 2023

Woodland Scenic Ballast and F&C Boxcar

My F&C resin kit staged on my test diorama of Woodland Scenic ballast. This is what all the hobby shops in our area sell. All others ballasts one needs to order directly from the manufactures. 
Here is another view of yesterdays post on a GTW F&C resin kit. I placed it on a small diorama I built earlier this summer testing some Woodland Scenic ballast I had on hand. I used Woodland Scenic ballast when I first built my layout but was not impressed with it. I scarped a lot of it off and then used Highball ballast. Many of our area modelers use Woodland products and like it so I gave it a try as a test using their methods of ballasting. Woodland Scenic ballast is made from ground up nut shells which is very light and moves around a lot while gluing down. 

I got the same results I originally had even though I was being very careful how I applied the alcohol and then the Woodland Scenic cement. I think I will stick to actual stone ballast as I always had good results...George Dutka  

Fine Buff is seen on the left and fine light gray on the right. The fine grind of Woodland Scenic ballast is good for HO scale. I found it hard to keep in place while gluing down. Once dry I had to use my fingernail and small screwdriver to remove a good amount from the sides of the rails and tie tops.

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