Thursday 14 September 2023

Jimmy Kings BBQ - FOS Kit

The finished model has a nice full wall sign.
What's in the box No. 56 viewed this free kit bits and pieces. Being a free kit there are no instructions to follow other than the one view on the colored sheeting that has all the signage. It is a neat little food shack that is small enough to fit almost anywhere in a scene. I think mine will be added to a small drop-in diorama which will feed the crews along the WRD mainline at times...George Dutka

Trim and corner bracing is applied.

The model is a simple build.

Acrylic gray is applied to the base as concrete. The door and trim is done a light MIG green which I will change shortly as it looked too light. Hunterline stain is applied to all the walls.

Floquil grime is washed over the stain.

The roofing is painted black before tar paper is applied. I changed the coloring of doors and window trim using green chalk board paint. 

The finished model has a substantial brick chimney. I applied two different tones of tarpaper roofing to the model.

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