Thursday 21 September 2023

More Otter Valley Railroad Pop-Up News

InterMountain was giving out $20 gift coupons good for the day only for any of their products.
The morning began with coffee and donuts during setup. If you visited the show and store and spent a good part of the day there Lorne had Pizza and pop brought in for the low cost of a dollar a slice, If you were manning a display your lunch was free which was a nice treat. During lunch time celebrity polka king Walter Ostanek kept the tunes coming. He is well known through Ontario and Canada.  

Intermountain had two boxcars that caught my attention, a X-29 which I believe is the old Red Caboose model but improved. A Milwaukee boxcar with roof hopper doors used in the beer making process is another interesting upcoming model.

Nick from ITLA had almost every display model he has out for the day. It was interesting to see a couple of the models he is working on. One an interlocking tower will a full interior.

I did not realize but Otter Valley had tables set aside for modeler to bring what they were working on...a kind of RPM feature. If I had known I could bring some current projects to show...I need to follow Facebook pages better. There was a small selection of engines and rolling stock setup on display.

I like to thank Lorne and his crew (the girls worked hard to keep the storefront line moving) for including me in the days events and for hosting such an event that was really fun to attend, meeting so many of the manufacturers that I normally purchase from. I still have a bit more about the day later in the week...George Dutka

The WOD-NMRA also had a display recruiting new members.

The larger of the ITLA dioramas with many of the details being 3D printed.

Intermountain boxcar-hopper is an upcoming model that I am sure many will want.

Intermountain new release will be this X-29 boxcar.

A view of the rolling stock table.
Being a nice and sunny day having extra railroad stock and the food outdoors worked out well. A tent was set up to keep the entertainment in the shade.

There was always someone checking out the CN motor car.

Pizza went over well especially when it was only a dollar a slice.

Polka King Walter Ostanek kept the tunes coming for well over an hour.

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