Friday 29 September 2023

Hickson, Ontario

Hickson, Ontario May 18, 2023
I found this interesting building while taking some backroads to the Kitchener area back in the spring.. Hickson was the end location of the CN Hickson spur running out of Woodstock during the early years I worked on the CN. There was a wye across from the station in Woodstock that took you there. The line from Hickson to Stratford was abandoned in the 1930's and also from Woodstock to Pt Dover. 

I recall some of the older conductors talk about fall sugar beet trains running up to Hickson during their time working on the railroad...George Dutka

I always have liked the looks of smaller block buildings. This one has a bit of appeal to me with the weathered front door and one boarded window. More interest is the hydro meter and stack next to the front doorway.

It has a silver colored steel roof.

A smaller structure that could make a neat little model.

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