Friday 22 September 2023

CP International of Maine - PS 1

My newest CP boxcar is ready for service on the WRD.
I received this Kadee PS-1 boxcar from Peter Mumby as a gift maybe a year ago. Might have been Christmas or Birthday. I thought I would get it ready for service with a bit of weathering. The model is well detailed and looks great right out of the packaging. I had been using Tamiya panel liners for about a year now...but only occasional. I thought I would use it on a number of models that will pass across my workbench this year...more in the captions...George Dutka   

A similar view of the prototype from my files. I don't have any data for location or year. It looks fairly new in this view.
Black panel line is applied over an acrylic coating which in this instance is Proto Paint Flat Haze. I apply it over one of the rib lines then rub much of it off using Tamiya lacquer thinner. One can not get too far ahead with the liner as it will dry on you and not come off well. A Q tip dipped in the thinner works the best for removing the excess. Don't rub to hard or you will go through the acrylic underbody coating.

Ceramcoat gray is painted on the roof followed by PanPastel raw umber shade and iron oxide red extra dark.

In-between the seams the panels are lightened a bit using PanPastel blender to resemble faded paint.

The roof is seen as a subtle change once the PanPastels are applied over the acrylic gray.

One side door is part way open showing some Canadian merchandise assembled from Aberdeen Models sheeting.

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