Saturday 30 September 2023

FOS Free Kit - Big Lou's

What's in the box or should I say package.

One of the free kits I worked on this past spring and summer was another food shack. This time it is Big Lou's. I changed the roof to appear as metal with a copper patina to it. A nice little kit that went together very well...George Dutka 

The walls went together quickly.

The model is ready for paint and stain. The cardstock roofing is pretty thin so I added a bit of bracing to keep things straight.

Some of the MIG paints I used on this model.

The kit comes with a nice stencil for the large wall. I used MIG paints for this.

 A close up look at the weathered walls and lifted and cut boards.

Over the stained walls I dry brushed MIG and dollar store white to highlight the board edges.

Green teal acrylic paint is applied to the roof. It is a flat finish.

The roof got some rust spots and a coating of Bragdon dark rust.

The finished model. On the counter I added Mini Print 3-D printed bottles as ketchup and mustard containers. 

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